Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bungee Jumping

I wrote this poem back in 1992. I had never actually bungee jumped but not for lack of having gone to bungee jump; once that is. It was me and a few neighborhood folks we drove down to Coney Island where we heard there was going to be bungee jumping. We get there only to discover the jump closed because at another jump site n the Midwest, operated by the same company, was closed earlier in the day due to a bungee cord accident that killed a jumper.

While never jumping myself, I wanted to capture the emotions I felt and had imagined after seeing a friends videotape of his recent jump and encapsulating the expressions and sounds of his and other jumps I had seen on video. I also wanted to try to express the bungee jump as a metaphor for moving on. This is what I came up with:

Looking down at forever
From a mile up in the sky
A leap into the future
In the blink of an eye

Not a single thought of tomorrow
Just a hard look at where you’ve been
Only your soul can describe
The frame of mind you’re in

Then like a flash of lightning
Your whole life passes by
The pieces of the past
Have fallen from the sky

And now the thrill is over
And your spirit has run free
So dream into forever
And live your fantasy

©1992 Christopher Daniele

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