Tuesday, January 31, 2012


A student came into the computer lab today, she was a mature adult, not a kid, and very hyper and far more computer illiterate than I feel should be acceptable. I could understand needing a bit of help navigating specific technologies such as Blackboard (the learning management system) and PeopleSoft (the student information system software) but when I suggested she email her teacher about a question specific to her class, she actually responded, "how do I do that?"

Is is wrong for me to think that is is not acceptable for someone whose registered into an allied health program at an accredited college should know how to do something as basic as send an email? And, if not, that this person should not yet qualify to take college level courses until this basic skill (and all basic skills) are up to par?

I really did try to be as helpful as I could but the other real road block that I found frustrating here is that the students was so hyper and put off by her inabilities instead of being honest about them and expressing a desire to learn. It was as if it was my fault that she was unable to accomplish these basic tasks and even while I was trying to be helpful, she seemed, well, upset with me for some reason.

This was a very troubling transaction and I am not quite sure how to process it.

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