Monday, January 30, 2012

How to Get Concert Tickets (The Hard Way)

This past Saturday morning was the first of an 8 week class I am teaching from 8:30 am until 1:30 pm. I took on this class, as well as another similar Saturday class in the 8 week that follow this one after my colleague had to drop out of teaching them due to illness and I mostly said yes, because I really need the extra money.

What I was unaware of at the time I said yes to teaching this schedule is that tickets for the new Bruce Springsteen tour would be on sale at 10:00 am the first Saturday of class; a dilemma for sure. I did what had to be done, the right thing, and I told my students at the start of class that we would have to break just before 10 am so that I could get Bruce Springsteen tickets and that would make me happy and benefit everyone :)

Now, the day before, my friend Linda's son Joe had emailed her saying that he had a connection, the something something of a friend or someone who worked at the venue and would get tickets in a good spot for the same face value. Linda asked if I wanted in and for me, it just felt that there would be too many channels and hoops to jump through making getting these "sure thing" tickets less of a sure thing than they appeared. I thanked her (and him, through her) but insisted I needed to hit the Ticketmaster site on my own to do my best to ensure I get tickets.

So just before 10:00 am, the class breaks and I get Ticketmaster up on three separate devices, sure enough, at the strike of 10, I put in my request for tickets on all three computers and then waited as Ticketmaster simmered. Before 10:05, all three devices came back apologizing to me for no tickets that met my request were available...a sell out in under five minutes. Now, I won't use this post to complain about how unfair Ticketmaster is or how even more unfair and what should be illegal companies like Ace Tickets, legal storefront scalpers, piss me off but needless to say, I turned down "sure thing" tickets and failed to get my own.

Immediately, while it was still break time, I messaged Joe, Linda's son, pleading to him that if there was still time to include me and get a ticket for me, to do so and then I messaged my friend Mike, a fell Springsteen fanatic who I knew was attempting to get tickets, asking if he may have an extra. In the meantime, I needed to get past this and get back to teaching.

Later on, during the lunch break, I went back online and to see if there was an answer from either Joe or Mike, none. I went back to Ticketmaster to try again, sometimes that happens, not this time, still no tickets. However, I noticed there was a show scheduled in Albany, NY and tix were going on sale at noon (minutes away). Knowing were were on lunch break, without guilt, I prepared the computers for an attempt and sure enough, I secured tickets to see "The Boss" in Albany, an approximate three hour drive from home; but at least, I had tickets and I would be seeing my favorite for a twelfth time. Also good, the concert is on a day I already have off from work so I'll take the road trip in the early afternoon and perhaps check a little out the capital city of the state I was born in.

With the comfort of having tickets, I will continue to troll Craigslist where I have had success as a concert date nears, and people with ticket who had actually hope to go, can no longer attend for some reason and are willing to part with their tickets either at face value or below. If indeed I do get local tickets less expensively, I will try to sell the Albany tickets and if I can't, worse case I go see him again. Either way, I can't wait to see Bruce Springsteen...again!

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