Friday, January 06, 2012

The Limerick Off

The challege is to write a limerick from the provided first line. I received 5 first lines and wrote 5 limericks - here they are:

As the New Year approaches, men swear
Drink as if their liver doesn’t care
Watch football all day
Eat meals from a tray
And fart into the easy chair

A fellow who just let it slip
Realized his pants were unzipped
Commando he went
Sadly, pitched a tent
Then screamed when his thing had been ripped

A woman was playing with fire
Satisfying a burning desire
She met him for drinks
Then came the hijinks
He found out that she is a crier

A man who was proud of his clout
So rich there could be no doubt
He ate like a pig
Got bigger than big
He came down with a bad case of gout

A jittery fellow named Fred
Wanted to take her to bed
But he was old and frail
And his heart soon would fail
And just like that he was dead

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