Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Thrower Season 10

Today was the first good amount of snow of the season and it was time to break out the snow thrower for it's tenth season of action. As each new season comes, I get a little more frightful at the start hoping the snow thrower will start and work properly to get me through the season.

I'm happy to report that the snow thrower started without a problem and while there were some early kinks (getting it into the right gear in particular), once it warned up and got some use, it did the job quite well.

There was an incident as I was near the street level, which is always more challenging because of the hard, packed down snow piled up from the stupid plows. I was so close to the mailbox, I decided to take a few seconds to get the mail and place it in my coat's inner pocket when a stupid plow driver drove by and nailed me with a giant scoop of disgusting street snow completely drenching the back of my pants and with enough force to almost knock me over.

The darn plows are supposed to be working to make our lives easier and safer but in my opinion, accomplish neither. While they plow the street clear, to do so, they inevitably end up blocking our driveways in such a way that our cars cant get over to go out into the clear street; it's stupid and aggravating.

I hope all of you with snow on the ground stay warm and safe.

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