Monday, January 23, 2012

Spring (Semester) Has Arrived

Expecting the big crowds that usually go with "opening day" of the semester, I was a but surprised that the head count appeared slimmer than usual. However, my day was not short of frantic phone calls, help desk tickets, students who can't log in, and a host of other common issues in need of resolution. The good news, I didn't at all feel stressed, that makes me happy.

Something that I find a bit unsettling is that the minute someone has a problem, they have no desire to use the tools available to them to solve it on their own. There is some great documentation, FAQ's and other resources that would solve, I would say (at the very least) 60% of the reported issues in the first week of classes without having to wait. Why is it that people won't use these tools? Crazy!

In completely unrelated news, I wanted to offer best wishes and good luck to April and her husband as they venture into creating and operating their own brewery....even more of a reason for me to get back to Arizona some time!

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