Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Thank You"

I went to the market after work to pick up a few items and at the checkout, as ususal in this store, there was a person bagging. After I had paid up and and began to wheel the cart of bags away, I did what I usually do and said "thank you for bagging" to the bagger. What happened next was unusual, and disturbing.

Another shopper who had been passing by and heard me, very loudly asked me, "What are you thanking him for, he was just doing his job?" At first I was a bit stunned and didn't say anything but then I saw the person who said it shaking his head and I couldn't hold back. "Why should that make any difference? What's wrong with expressing gratitude to someone?" Then, the jerk loudly whispered, "What an ass."

It took everything I could muster up to not express my anger at that idiot and say something back out lound. I am thankful that I chose to let it go, turn again to the bagger and said, "never mind that guy, thanks again and have a good night", then I left.

Saying thank you to people is something I try to always remember. I think it can have a great positive impact on someone to know that what they've done was genuinely appreciated.

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