Monday, January 09, 2012

Vestry Goodbye

My term on the vestry at my church ends as of our parish annual meeting on February 5th, which made tonight my last vestry meeting. As March will be my ten year anniversary as a parishioner, I've spent pretty much all ten years in service to the church in some capacity or another, the last four years as a vestry member.

With the exception of a commitment I've made to complete the technology upgrade and serve in a consulting capacity for technology, I plan to spend at least one full year being "just" a parishioner. I think this will give me time to recharge and put the work I've done, some of the very difficult decisions I had to be involved in, the successes and the failures all into context and also to see the church from the perspective of the parishioner and just the parishioner.

I've learned a lot serving on the vestry and have worked with some great people, sat in on some great think tank sessions and been a part of some great experiences. I'm so grateful for all of it but I am very much looking forward to spending more time getting my personal house in order.

Abrupt ending.

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