Sunday, January 29, 2012

What the....?

UPDATE: Before I hit "PUBLISH" to make this post go live, I had this notion that I must've already posted this crazy photo because I took it some time ago. I did look around for a bit and couldn't find the post so I just went with it. This morning, I had a closer idea around the time frame of the original post and sure enough, I posted it on November 25th. So, call it a senior moment, call it raising awareness, call it whatever - either way - here it is again.

I know, it's unsettling for some reason. Think about how unsettling just the photograph is and then think about how odd it was to get to work one morning around 7:15 am and see this pair of stockings just laying there on the stairs near the entrance.

I have no idea how it got there but sadly, I see something like this and the first thought is always a bad one followed by a hope that the thought is wrong and nobody was hurt or was forced to do anything against their will.

Very odd!

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