Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yay Pats!

I was looking forward to watching the Pats game and had planned a nice dinner with a few friends in preparation. MY friend Linda and her husband Bill came over for dinner and to watch the game. It was a long time coming, having them over. Linda has had me at the house many times over the years on holidays when I would otherwise have spent those days alone and its always a good time there.

I had planned to do Braised Hoisin Short Ribs, a dish I've made a few times and is delicious. I did an interesting starch though, it was a twice baked potato with crab meat; a recipe I got from Emeril via the Food Network website, it was super delicious and quite beautiful. the meal started with a simple, yet elegant and delightful salad of Arugula and Baby Spinach with cherry tomatoes that were seasoned with salt, pepper and oregano and some orange supremes- all topped with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. For dessert, I made home made mocha chip ice cream and served it with apple pie and some whipped cream. The entire meal was killer and all was topped off with a fabulous victory by the New England Patriots.

 Great job by everyone!

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