Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Beignet Magic (Pictures Not Included)

Sunday afternoon, Vickie and I were hanging around killing time before the super bowl and because I occasionally like to come up with cool dad ideas, I said to her, "how about I make some beignets?" "Dad, you always come up with good ideas!" So off I went to get the deep fryer heating up some oil while I carefully mixed the beignet dough, then even more carefully rolled out and cut the dough.

First batch of four come out, quite excellently, I pull one out without sugar for me then liberally shake the powdered sugar on the other three for Victoria which she enjoys while I get the next batch in the fryer.

Next batch comes out and I pull out the powdered dark cocoa (unsweetened) and sprinkle a dash on a naked beignet fresh out of the oil while I add it to the powdered sugar for Vickie's batch and we enjoy while I get the last batch in the fryer.

This is where I go all genius on this dessert; magic if you will. By this time, Vickie wanted a breather and went into the living room to sit down. I pull the last batch from the fryer and get this idea to cut one of the beignets in half, lengthwise, then place a scoop if ice cream in the middle, serving it as an ice cream sandwich. Of course, I put powdered sugar on it then placed a dollop of whipped cream on the plate for dipping and presented it to my child for which she referred to me as a dessert genius insisting I open some sort of cafe.

Fun quality father daughter time before the super bowl.

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