Saturday, February 25, 2012

Being a Student

I'm teaching a Saturday morning accelerated class. The class meets from 8:30am until 1:30 pm for 8 weeks. I've taught this class in the past and one of the things that makes it bearable, is more often than not, the larger percentage of students are committed and work hard. You would think there's real commitment involved when taking a class like this and while the larger percentage of students I've taught in this version of the class are, this first spring session has me puzzled.

I have a few students, which seems like, well, a few but considering there are only 6 students in the class, a few is a lot. Anyway, this particular few has a real problem with tardiness and as a result, they've missed out on the chance to submit a good amount of work, which will adversely affect their grade. Furthermore, today, five of eight weeks in, two of them just up and left mid-class (after arriving 10 minutes late at the start).

I made it super clear on day one my stance on tardiness and in this class, once you are in, there's no refund after withdrawal beyond the first class - if they miss another hour or two of class, I can't give them a's just throwing money away because they couldn't live up to the commitment of showing up for a class they paid for knowing the times the class meets.

So freaking odd.

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