Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blind Date #2

Following yesterday's post, I have yet another blind date story for you. Before I get into it though, this is the last of them, I've only been on two. Also, I plan to tell you the story as it happened, which might have you saying at the end things like, "hey, that was not very nice..." etc. Yes, you are right, it wasn't all that nice but it was pretty harmless as well and it's just the way it was - we were young and sometimes, a bit assy - now, the story.

This was not only a blind date, it was a double blind date. My friend Mike and I were to meet these two girls. So, we hop into my car and head over to one of their houses, where they were both awaiting in the back yard - where we were to all hang out for a while.

We get to our location, go toward the back yard and almost immediately, one of the girls springs across and yells in the direction of Mike, "Mike! You came!" The sheer look of terror on Mike's face was the first thing I noticed which was a sign to me to get us out of here as soon as possible. I don't want to be any more mean to this girl than we were on that day so I'll try to do this carefully - she was, scary - scary to look at and be around, this was evident in the first minute. Somehow, we were coaxed to continue into the yard where Mike was avoiding any and all attempts by her to make physical contact and I got my first peek at the girl who was "my" date. I don't recall either of the girls names but the one that I was there to meet was very cute, ans sitting on a large swing in the yard. I went over and introduced myself and sat next to her on the swing and tried to make some conversation.

The whole time, I was keeping an eye on Mike as he was really scrambling from this girl who was really hot for him in a way eerily similar to the creepy charachter played by Kathy Bates in "misery". The girl I was with turned out to be an extreme prude and very cold and full of herself, so it wasn't long before I too wanted out as much as Mike - who to his credit, hung in there to give me a chance.

Somehow, Mike and I had communicated that the jig was up so we got into a position where where were all standing around the in-ground pool and Mike and I then gave each other a sign, we pushed the girls into the pool and then ran for it. Before you make assumptions, we confirmed that both were swimmers and knew they weren't going to drown.

That's it! Mike and I got in the car, drove off to somewhere to get some beer and just hung out.

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