Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The End of House

It was announced today that the current season, its eighth, will be the last. I've watched this show since the start and still love it. I find the writing and in particular, the characterizations to be stellar. If you think about it, the storyline in its skeletal form is identical in every episode - however, the characters are written so well along with the occasional twists that every moment is as compelling as the last.

While his series introduced me to the genius of Hugh Laurie, I've since seen some of his prior work. Of particular note is the series "Jeeves & Wooster" in which Laurie co-stars with Stephen Fry - a treasure for sure.

I'm curious to see whether Laurie might return to TV or focus on the big screen. Sad to see such a great show end but at least it never sold out (in my opinion).

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