Thursday, February 09, 2012

How to Fix Professional Sports

I may have ranted on this at one time or another, but the most frustrating thing for me about professional sports is the idea that the number one priority isn't sportsmanship, it's business and the almighty dollar. I know it will never change - but it's changed the game in so many ways and 100% for the worse.

If it were up to me, there would be no long term contracts allowed and especially no guaranteed giant salaries. There would be a base salary structure, that all players are guaranteed. This base would be multi-tiered and only increase based on years of service. And, it wouldn't be in the millions either, I am thinking somewhere in the 100k for rookies to perhaps top off at 250k for the eldest of veterans.

All other earnings would be performance based and level across all teams and markets in the league. A rate for batting average, hits, RBI's, HR's, etc. A similar performance based structure for pitchers and fielding bonuses based on lowest number of errors across the league.

Using such a system puts all teams on the same playing field economically and the talent pool can be spread more equitably across the league instead of the current system which favors the teams with the largest bankroll. The incentive based pay would be motivation for the players to actually play the game instead of sit on the bench for a fake injury and still get paid bazillions for zero contribution.

I can dream if I want to.

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