Thursday, February 23, 2012

Man Screwed By Dentist!

I had the rare luxury of not having to set the alarm clock this morning, which was nice. However, I did not go to work today because I had a dentist appointment to place an implant. Have you ever had a dental implant? I did, about a decade ago and now, just this afternoon.

I am having some work done to correct a birth defect which left me with two spaces where teeth I never had should be. I let these spaces be spaces for a long time - in fact, so long, that one of them is incapable of having an implant but the other is and today was the first step in getting a tooth where there never was.

Turns out that without enough novocaine, it really hurts when the doctor scrapes at your bone which he gained access to by slicing through the gum.

Surgery was successful nonetheless - now it's about healing for a few months before the restoration component, the actual tooth gets added.

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