Monday, February 06, 2012

Mixed Bag

  • Karl Lagerfeld is a jerk.
  • I am not going to watch the Academy Awards this year.
  • I wasn't planning to watch the Grammy's until I heard that Adele will be singing.
  • I'll be making a giant Fritatta for next Monday's pot luck at work.
Regarding the not surprising horror show that was Madonna's super bowl half-time performance, it was one of the worst ever. I've been a fan of Madonna's recorded music but have always resented her for not singing live. I think it's wrong when any artist lip syncs and at the very least feel taht it should be mandated by law that if the artist plans to lip sync, there should be a prominent warning before tickets are sold.

Ohh...brain i giving out...sory for the pathetic-ih posts of late.

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