Thursday, February 02, 2012

Rough day at the Office

Today was one of those days where the coworker that always does annoying things that you just let slide or blow off ticks you the wrong way and aggravates you to the point where the blood starts boiling and you just need to let off the steam before it negatively affects your health (I recognize this is not perfectly written but I just need to get this crap out of me).

This coworker has over 20 years at the college and is 60 something, has two masters degrees and has eh same job title and job description as I however, is clearly not capable of doing the job any longer. I suffer because on top of my own work load, I need to clean up his mistakes and often take on projects he's clearly incapable of.


On a positive note, it wasn't all that bad a day otherwise and I must say that simply having full-time employment and a job that for the most part I love is something I am grateful for.

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