Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Starbucks is the Apple of the Coffee House Industry

Starbucks is raising prices. Interesting, let's take the most expensive coffee (also the most overpriced) and raise the price, there's a great nod to the loyal consumers who shop their everyday. Yet another example of a large corporation not giving a crap about the very people that support them.

The brag about how they "give back" but what about what they take away? Their offerings are 100% driven by profit and profit alone. I recognize this is an important decision in commerce but don't tell me that you give a crap about me as a consumer, if you did, it would be easier for me to get products that are caffeine free and/or diabetic friendly at your establishment.

I have no problem with you doing business, just don't try to come off as holier than thou, you're no better than anyone else in business.

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