Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Writing Inspirations

This guy Barry I know has a need web show project called, "Barry On the Spot'. He's tucked away in a studio with an instrument and in front of a web cam and the audience, of which I was a part of tonight for the second time, feeds ideas and withing the duration of the show - 30 minutes, Barry composes a complete song and performs it.

It's super interesting ans super fun to watch the creative process and be a part of it. Tonight was interesting because the final song ended up being something of a tribute to Davy Jones from the Monkees, whose death was the lead news story this afternoon.

What also ended up happening is that through this participation, I ended up coming up with an idea for a song as as of this moment, I've cranked out two verses...

My song has this guy talking about how he's failed to find his one true love, the relationship he longs for and all he can think about is finding this true love. However, he tells his story using titles, quotes and themes from Monkees songs - great fun!

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