Friday, March 02, 2012

The Burdened Lives of Strangers

Today was one of those days at the office where there were bits and pieces of things to finish up, loose ends to tie up, and on occasional, "hey, I have a question for you". However, there was an incredibly wonderful part of the day where I got to spend some time conversing with a relatively new colleague and I was very grateful that she was willing to share some of her work experience as a therapist.

I was so moved by our conversation that when I went back to my desk to tie up one of those loose ends, i found myself distracted by the blank sheet of paper and the pencil in front of me, calling me. I needed to express the inspiration I had received and as a result, composed the following poem entitled, "The Burdened Lives of Strangers":

The burdened lives of strangers
and broken hearted souls
they’re weighing on your conscience
and it’s all taking a toll

You try to make a difference
give them a piece of who you are
but sometimes when you get closer
you realize just how far

The burdened lives of strangers
will come back another day
there’s a time for you to own it
and a time to walk away

Know  you’ve made a difference
it’s the reason that you care
their lives are better  because of
the part of you you share.

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