Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crazy Day For Sure

Today was a day filled with, oh - at this point, let's just say, "interesting people". It was a relatively stressful day but those have been scarce of late so I'll be grateful (at least now that I've had a few hours to unwind from it).

I won't delve into the negative, I've blown off the required steam...here are a couple of shots that help illustrate the unusual nature of the day:

This first shot is one of a teen icon, Justin Bieber. Well, not really, I think. I actually can't say with certainty that it isn't him for sure but when he cam up to me and asked for a sheet of paper, don't think I wasn't tempted to ask - really look just like Bieber; in fact, I tweeted the pic and received a reply suggesting I join the Bieber Fan club.

 And here, a dude in his 20's wearing a turtle backpack. I must confess this had me disturbed early this afternoon when I saw it and while its no less off, certainly, it's more funny hours later than it is/was.

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