Saturday, March 17, 2012

Parking - Continued

Fully expecting witch to hunt me down, she eerily avoided me, as I did her. I went about my day and when it was time to go home, I went to my car, started it up, put on my seat belt and then noticed something in the windshield, which turned out to be the warning.
I was furious but there was nothing I could do about it at that time so I had planned to make some noise on Thursday with the chief of police on campus. Aside from the warning being inaccurate, I was not taking 2 spaces, I am certain that the officer who wrote the warning was coerced into doing so by none other than witch (who incidentally had to walk the same distance to the public safety office than she would need to walk to her office had she just parked in the designated medical spot-but complained it was too far away from her office).
With public safety off-campus, I had to wait until Friday and I was still regrettably burning up inside, so I decided that Friday morning I would park by backing into the first spot and staying as far to the right and forward I could to make it virtually impossible for with to illegally park or get into the lawn area she makes a habit of. I wanted to do this Thursday but the spot was taken by the time I had arrived.

Friday morning comes, I arrive before 7:30 am and I park as I plan. I noticed the chief was in her office so I knock, enter, and pour everything out as professionally as possible. In my banter, I made a point to tell her out loud that I even parked as I did today and before I could even go on, I stopped myself and realized I had to get a bit of a grip. While I felt my gripes were legitimate, I let my anger get the better of me and began to stoop to the witch's level. I was handing the problem by creating another problem and that's not what I believe in - so I excused myself, went and moved my car totally away form the whole area and returned to the chief with a viable solution.

After running a few things through my brain, I felt it made the most sense to make first spot a designated medical permit spot. This would legitimately entitle witch to the actual first spot in an area closer to her office that the other designated medical spot and hopefully, prevent her from ever parking in the other place, The chief also ran some ideas and after facilities got involved, it seems that the medical spot idea is a go plus, they are going to plant some trees in an area that would make it impossible for witch, or anyone to illegally park to the left of first spot.

While I will never respect witch for her elitist and entitled attitude, I feel I did the right thing - by discussing how I felt (to the credit of the chief, she gave me an open forum where it was comfortable and safe to vent), recognizing that there is a way I could resolve this peacefully, and just moving past it all.

Now that there is a solution in place being worked on and I've put it all out there, I'm over it...there's too many other things to be concerned with.

Thanks for reading.

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