Friday, March 16, 2012


The first photo is a warning I found on my car on Wednesday as I was leaving work. Notice how it states that I was taking two spaces, which is wrong.

Here is how my car was parked:

Note the reddish lines to the left, they mark off part of the lawn and at the front, just out of view is a curb. The car with the door open is mine, the spot between the two white line you can see in the photo is the first parking spot in this row (from here on referred to as "first spot").

Occasionally I park in this first spot but if it's not me, it's someone else who also gets in pretty early. There's this colleague of mine, a nearly 90 year old woman who is often miserable, unhappy, miserly (yet extremely wealthy), and has this entitlement complex that really pisses me off. For anonymity, yet accuracy, I'll refer to her as witch.

When witch arrives for work, she wants to park in first spot, which is often occupied, so she takes it upon herself in back into, and assume the area to the left of the first white line. Not only is this a parking violation for parking in an area that is not designated for parking but also in order to get her car in, she needs to drive over the curb that is just out of the view in this photo. Furthermore, she is almost 100% of the time so close to the car that is legitimately parked in the first spot between the pictured white lines, that she smashes her door into it while trying to get out of her car; I've witnessed it as has at least one other colleague.

I decided that I was tired of witch and her self imposed entitlement and so when I arrived on Tuesday morning, I parked as you see here in this photo so that witch would not be able to break the rules and park next to me in a spot that isn't there. Sometime that afternoon, witch came to my desk bitching at me for taking two spots at which time I calmly remind her that I wasn't and the area to the left of the first white line is indeed not a spot. Her reply, "it is for me".

I told her that I had to park like that because when I got there just after 7:00 in the morning, the cafeteria deliveries were situated such that I was forced to do so. But I saw that it bothered her that someone had destroyed her sense of entitlement so much that I decided to park that way again on Wednesday (that's the picture here).

---Ugh! I'm tired, it's closing in on 1 am...I'll complete this later...good night!

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