Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some Ramblings

Sad right now. I had worked out a deal with a woman to buy her Springsteen tickets for tomorrow nights show in Boston. I emailed her to see where and when she wanted to meet and she emailed me back saying she changed her mind about selling the tickets - that's so tough to take for me. I have tix to see him in Albany so it's not like I'm completely shut out but I love seeing Bruce so much, he's the best there is and once I was convinced I was going, it was full steam ahead, so the disappointment is major.
Psyched that Mad Men is back tonight.
The weather was unusually normal for this time of year today. sound confusing, I know, but so has the weather patterns of late. I am not complaining.
Just started listening to Alec Baldwin's podcast, so far so good. Still loving WTF, Adam carolla, TBTL and while I cam to the dance on this one a year late, I am loving "This Week with Larry Miller".
In a text conversation with a Crailslister selling tix and I think this person was hitting on me, funny thing is I have no idea of their gender and I am not sure they know mine. Bizarre-ish! Asked me which town I am from, age and favorite local restaurant. - Not sure if I should be freaked out or not...LOL!


SM said...

Sorry about the tickets falling through. At least you still get to see him!!

Ive not been able to get into Mad Men for some reason. I tried and it was boring. Granted, it was right after Bear was born so I may I have to try again. One of my friends loves it and we have similar tastes in TV.

Chris said...

SM - Good things sometimes happen, the woman called me the morning of the show and offered me the tix again, I went, it was awesome! mad Men is quite special.