Monday, March 12, 2012

Teaching is Hard Sometimes

I've kind of been bitching a lot the past few days while grading a discussion forum in my online classes. In a nutshell, the students need to select a specific technology related to "Adaptive & Assistive" technologies and provide some specific information about it. Nevermind the explicit detail I provided in the assignment or the extra effort I made offering an audio coach - this is an example of what I am reading:

The Tandem Master is a product I found online that was founded by a woman named Tania who was born with Cerebral Policy. She could not move both her limbs or speak and she started off with a word board that would point to the word's that she was trying to say with a pointer on her head which still had good control of. Things were hard but her parents never let up with her learning until a man named Al Ross who created the Morse Code Project. His project was a two year study that at first seemed hard to learn but turned to be a necessity for Tania to live and she was able to communicate with people regularly. Using the system allowed her to use her voice whenever she wanted and also prompted her to enter public school. The idea of her being able to communicate her needs without anyone's help put both her and her parents at ease. She ended up getting married with a son and wanted to work so a friend named Jay Pennell created the Tandem Master which combined all of the best qualities of the Morse Code system with a system that enabled her to operate a computer on as well. This invention was something I had no idea existed and found this women's story quite compelling and to live without the need of a device that needs to be constantly updated with the times makes people without disabilities quite lucky in that aspect. More information on this product can be found on their website

Am I crazy or does this compeltely horrible work, especially for a college student?

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