Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Worst Irony

Education is something I am passionate about; I work in education for a reason. I work very hard to try to find the right balance to inspire learning and then, teaching.

Right now, as my teenage daughter battles the hormones of puberty trying to find herself, her grades have suffered badly. I know my daughter, she is very smart but there is something preventing her from putting the required effort in her school work and I am very worried.

I've talked with her a few times and tonight, I tried very hard to listen to her, she's super creative and I think her mind just moves so quickly, it's hard for her to commit it to focus on the subjects in her classes.

I wish I could figure out how to make it all work. I love my daughter so much and I want her to be happy and successful. I hope I can help her to figure out how to find a way to balance her creativity with her schoolwork.


radioactive girl said...

Could she be bored? When I was in school as a kid I was put ahead a year and was still so bored that nothing could keep my interest and my grades slipped. I never tried hard and got mostly C's because I didn't really do homework. Look at me now, getting mostly over 100% in my classes (except the one).

If you email me specific issues she's having I may have gone through them with one of my kids and might have ideas/suggestions (if you want them...I hate to seem like a know it all because I definitely don't know everything, just have 4 kids so may have experience in something similar and have tips I wish I had known). I have one kid with a learning disability (one of the smartest kids I have ever known but her grades didn't show it until she got help), one with such boredom that he can't focus and looks like a slacker, one that is a perfect student, and one that is just regular/borderline lazy because he's bored. I did notice that since I went back to school all of them have been working harder due to my example. Maybe send your daughter here and she can hang out with us (kidding, that would be a pretty far trip!)

radioactive girl said...
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Chris said...

Thanks for your feedback Tori, I am going to email you later.