Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wrecking Ball Tour - Part 3: (Boston 3/26/12) How it All Happened

When tickets first went on sale for this tour, my goal was to get seats for the Boston show. However, the morning tickets went on sale, Ticketmaster was not very cooperative and with all the scamming from scalpers, and Ticketmaster themselves, five minutes in, regardless of the fact that I was on three computers at once, I was shut out and the show had sold out.

Eventually, I made the decision to try for tix in Albany, a 3 hour or so drive from where I live, and was successful. My thought was to pursue Boston and if I got tix, I could sell the Albany tix but if not, at least I had tix to see the Bruce.

I began to keep an eye on Craigslist and decided that since I already had tix for Albany, I would only get tix for Boston if I could get them at or below face value. Just about everyone on Craigslistwas being unreasonable, asking for ridiculous amounts (on the high side) of money, so I one-upped them and offered equally ridiculous amounts (one the low side). from experience with Craigslist, I knew things would change in my favor as the show got closer so again, with no pressure (since I already had tix to see him in Albany), I waited out the price mongers and waited for the serious fans who had tix and as the show came near, plans changed and they were no longer able to use them; these folks are typically reasonable and will either accept face value or often less.

I won't go into the details of the many offers but will cut to the Friday before the show (show was Monday) where I found an ad, and responded by offering $200 for the pair. These were great seats, however, face value of the tickets, including the Ticketmaster vig, was about $120. The initial response from the ticket owner was that her cost was higher but I replied with a valid plea and simply asked if she would consider taking my offer and that if she would, it would make a real fan very happy.

After a while, the woman with the tickets decided to accept my offer, which brought me great joy, and we had plans to meet on the weekend in between her Boston Marathon training sessions. I was on edge all day Saturday waiting for her to contact me and it never happened. I had emailed her but received no reply. Sunday morning, I sent an early email telling her I was able to met her anywhere convenient for her and at 4:39pm Sunday (about 27 or so hours before the show) received the following:

"I feel terrible but I'm not going to be able to sell you the tickets. My friends who I previously invited are now making the trip to Boston for this, and I had previously promised them the tickets. I am sorry. I trust you can get tickets from scalpers tomorrow night. They always sell tickets night of event outside.
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry".

Despite having Albany tix, I had been invested enough in the idea I was going to see him in Boston that I was instantly saddened by this news. I had made plans to go into Boston with a colleague to meet up with her three kids, all of whom I am friends with, to have drinks and dinner before the show. I had to get my ass back on Craigslist and see if I could pull off a miracle.

After responding to a number of ads, with long shot low ball offers, I found one with a phone number that basically implied there were tix, for a $100 per ticket price (below face) and a phone number. I first called and left a voice mail and after no reply within 30 minutes, I sent a text - which turned into a really odd exchange.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the transcript of the text exchange and the "thrilling" conclusion to this story.

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