Friday, March 30, 2012

Wrecking Ball Tour - Part 3-Part 2: (Boston 3/26/12) How it All Happened

The (annotated) trascript of a somewhat bizarre series of texts with a ticket seller on Craigslist:

Sunday (evening before show)

Me: Saw your Craigslist ad for Bruce tix-I'm interested -still available? 7:01 PM

37 more messages Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Yes they are 7:16 PM

Me: I can pick them up tonight- where are the seats? 7:18 PM

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Sec 325 row 15. Where are u located 7:19 PM

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Im waiting to hear back from one other person 7:19 PM

Me: Thanks, not sure if I want to be behind the stage 7:21 PM

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Totally understand. Behind the stage at Bruce isnt like other concerts 7:23 PM

So far, reasonably normal, right?
Me: If you absolutely get stuck with them and would consider taking $100 for the pair, let me know by noon tomorrow and I'd consider it. I have tix for Albany so as bad as I want to go, I'll only do it if I get the right deal. I know you're just trying to recover your investment - I wish you luck 7:27 PM

Time to turn on the negotiating charm.
Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Already been offered 250, but thanks 7:28 PM

Me: wrll 7:29 PM

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Where u from 7:30 PM


Me: Middlesux county 7:34 PM

Me: Well, Middlesex, spelling issues 7:35 PM

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Lol. Sstton here 7:35 PM

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Sutton. 7:36 PM

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Have u seen bruce before 7:36 PM

Me: 11 times 7:36 PM

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Wow. 7:37 PM

Keep the conversation going, hoping my intense fanatacism will get the seller to crack and take my offer.
Ticket Owner (Stalker?): I'll take u to td garden u take me to albany. Lol 7:38 PM

What? How do I respond to this (or do I)?
Me: Love him. Usually get good deals on Craigslist...I've also scalped at the show and got good seats real cheap 7:38 PM

Another technique implemented in an effort to get the seller to agree to my offer.

Me: I got my buddy mike waiting for Albany since I got them, I can't boot him.. Lol 7:39 PM

Playing along nicely - they have the tix, I want the tix.
Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Same here. I bought 6 tix and was planning on going with relatives, but didnt happen 7:40 PM

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Get rid of mike im much funnier and cute. Lol 7:40 PM


Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Only joking 7:41 PM

Now they are trying to cushion the blow, perhaps trying to get me to come up on my offer?

Me: Lol 7:42 PM

Me: Lol 7:42 PM

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Age? Im 43 7:44 PM

Scared again

Me: Same generation as you. 7:44 PM

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Favorite local restaurant 7:47 PM

Me: Working on another ticket lead....I like Cheng Du in Westboro a lot 7:50 PM

Here, I begin to question my judgement for playing along, it's not like these are great seats or anything - yet I play along. It does begin to occur to me that perhaps this person is hitting on me, yet neither of us actually know the other's gender (which you must admit is a bit odd).
Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Good choice. Kids? I have 2 7:55 PM

Me: One 7:55 PM

More convinced there's a pickup thing involved - what other relevance can being a parent have to this conversation. In my head, I am repeating the mantra - "Can I just have your rotten tix for $50 each you crazy-ish person". Yet, truth be told, while a bit uncomfortable with this exchange at this point, and I think it's odd, I'm not really convinced the other person is crazy so much as, well, odd.
Ticket Owner (Stalker?): I was having a drink with my sister when u txt me and i said to her it would be good to meet someone who like bruce. Lmao. Hence my weird questions. 8:00 PM

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Im not wierdo dont worry. 8:08 PM

Me: Lol 8:09 PM

Questioning whether I should just laugh this off and say goodnight and hit Craigslist again.

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Yoy like bruce, u can negotiate for tix how bad can it be. We already have more in common them most people u meet on match. Lmao. 8:14 PM

Oh boy, confirmation there's something going on with the seller.

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): I cant believe im actually trying to flirt with someone i never met, yea that is kind of weird. 8:16 PM

Still no reall proof of gender here, on either side.
Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Favorite bruce song 8:19 PM

Me: Just saw all these, working with my daughter on something.... I love Bruce, hate to single out songs but I do have a major affection for thunder road 8:22 PM

Trying to let more time pass after receiving texts but ultimately, I wanted to go to show and here were tix - I continued to play along.

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Yup, great song. My kids are 9 (colin),and 6 amelia 8:26 PM

The TMI moment where I simply stoppeds responding.
Monday (Day of concert)

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): U going to concert 12:53 PM
Say what? Where did this come from? I though I was rid of this person. Not a clue who this person is.

Me: He's singing my song 10:17 PM

Bruce goes into "Thunder Road" and I could not resist messing with whomever this person is (stupid idea, I know - I blame beer).
Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Lol. Yes he is 10:29 PM

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): He was anyways 10:29 PM

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): I thought i scared u off, some wacko txting you. Lmao 10:30 PM

Astute at least, I did kind of think this person was something not quite so harsh as "wacko" but whatever the nicer version of that is.

Ticket Owner (Stalker?): Great concert. Email me sometime if u want. *********** 9:39 AM

Oh brother!!! I'm going to ignore this. Thankfully, that was the last of it.

I know yesterday I said I would conclude the story tomorrow (meaning today) but after going through this odd transcript again, I think I'll let you sit on it for a day and wrap this all up tomorrow.

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