Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wrecking Ball Tour - Part 3-Part 3: (Boston 3/26/12) How it All Happened

The names of these posts is getting ridiculous, dontcha think? It does entertain me though, in a silly way. So as you can see I had tickets, then I didn't have tickets, then I tried really hard to get different tickets and all I got was hit on (not a bad thing all-in-all but definitely weird in the way it happened).

It is now Monday morning, the day of the concert in Boston and I woke up at 5 am for my workout but did a quick check before hitting the gym to see if there were any new listings on Craigslist or responses to offers I out out and for the most part, not much. Over the next two hours I worked out, had my post-workout smoothie, spent some time with my daughter while she had breakfast, then I went and showered and got ready for work while Victoria got ready for school and basically had resolved I was probably not going to see Springsteen this night and I would just have to wait until the Albany show.

I figured that once I got settled into work I'd check Craigslist again and in fact, even planned to place a tickets wanted ad; several of them. My daughter and I get in the car, I drop her off at school and just as I begin to drive off, I hear my work phone ding with the email sound. Since I was still in the lot, I pulled over to check quickly and to my surprise, I receive an email from the original woman who was going to sell me the tickets, then decided not to, telling me that her plans changed yet again and that if I wanted, the tickets were mine at the pre-negotiated price of $100 each (less than face, amazing seats).

Embraced by elation, I responded immediately and told her that I can be wherever she is right now in twenty minutes or less. I then drove off toward work and hope for another ding, and there it went just a few minutes after. Again, I pulled over to read it, and she mentioned that we could meet at Whole Foods at 8:30. I didn't even bother going to work first, I went right to whole foods, had a coffee and waited.

Sure enough, 8:30 comes and there she is, "Chris?" yes, "Julie?" She drops the tickets in front of me on the table and I pick them up instantly to take possession. Then, I reach into my pocket and hand her $200 and we leave, walking to our cars. I told her of the text message encounter, she laughed and said, "you know, I happen to be a sexual harassment lawyer." I laughed out loud!

You know the rest.

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