Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Wrecking Ball

Released today, the latest studio album by Bruce Springsteen (along with the E-Street band), "Wrecking Ball" takes a very different turn from what Springsteen in interviews around 2009's "Working On a Dream" refers to the most recent three..(along with Magic, released in 2007 and The Rising, in 2002).

I think "The Rising" was an extraordinary album, I place it right up there with "Born to Run" in overall musical impact. Magic and Wrecking Ball, both of which I like very much, take a shift into incorporating pop sensibilities (sonically) heavily inspired by the music of the 1960's.

With "Wrecking Ball", Bruce demonstrates the  true influence of the music he explored in "The Seeger Sessions" on his own writing. I find myself emotionally involved and while it is clear there is heavy political influence, and while Springsteen is not shy to tell us where he stands politically, I feel the message isn't preachy, just expressive. I'm particularly impressed with his experimentation in the contemporary blending hip hop sensibilities with Gospel and folk (particularly noticeable in "Rocky Ground").

Bruce has also continued a trend with his lyrics writing that I find compelling. I find his lyric patterns over the last few records following a modern pop sensibility yet when combined with the musical layers and arrangements that surround them leave something that attacks the senses very differently that some of his older music.

I'm looking forward to seeing how these songs get incorporated into the live show and how they influence how the older music gets played.

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