Monday, April 09, 2012

Catching Up

This 5 am wake up call is starting to take a bit if a toll on me. I've yet or figure out how to play out my day not be super tired earlier rather than later.
This is a picture of the crowd at the fundraiser Saturday night. Large crowd but well-behaved and most important, there was money being spent and therefore, raised. Here's another pic of me and my friend Sherry, whose niece is battling Leukemia and the prime reason we are all at the fundraiser.

Over on the right, this photo is of Sherry and myself; the pic was taken with the front facing camera on my cell phone and it's a prime example of why one should not take pictures using the front facing camera. The angle and distance on the front-camera always tends to make the photo seem, well, awkward. This particular photo is so horrible unflattering in relation to the real thing...but I included it anyway because...I have no idea why!
Some things I learned as a result of this fundraiser that aren't directly related to the purpose of the fundraiser:
  1. Fall River is far away
  2. My Garmin GPS might have it out for me
  3. My technical skill are in demand
  4. Enough already with the front camera on the cell
  5. Fall River is far away
Let me explain each briefly:

Fall River is far away. I think that is self-explanatory but for me, a one-hour or more drive is the equivalent of asking me to watch a movie that's longer than two hours.

My Garmin GPS might have it out for me - it insisted I turn onto a bridge that was very clearly closed and seemed to have been for some time. I have free map updates for my GPS and updated it pretty recently. However, no matter how I tried to "trick" her, she kept trying to get me over this bridge. Finally, I had to pull out the cell phone and try the GPS on that, this got me to my destination.

My technical skill are in demand. Seems everywhere I go, I hear, "Can you do me a favor?", or "Can I ask you a computer question?" or the worst one of all, "I know you're not at work, but..." It was my pleasure though to assist getting the photo slide show to appear on the big screen TV from a laptop, despite the road block of an over-ambitious teenage girl who had just enough tech savvy to be dangerous...LOL!

Enough already with the front camera on the cell! Every pic I shoot with that front camera convinces me more that the designer is somewhere having a blast laughing at lots of bad photos.

Finally, Fall River is far away, even in the opposite direction!

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