Thursday, April 05, 2012

Idol Recap

Here's my recap of last night's performances on American Idol:

The Solo Performances
Deandre proved once again that he’s amongst the worst ever to perform in the top ten and for me, he’s less entertaining and far more annoying than Sanjaya; at least Sanjaya was real, Deandre comes off as an untalented phony but I’ll at least consider the fact that he’s just a kid.

Elise has become one of my favorites. It seems her attitude has improved and I think she did an okay job singing one of the most difficult rock songs to sing. I think her song choice was a mistake but she proved, to me at least, that she deserves to be where she is in this competition.

Phillip Phillips sang “That’s All”, by Genesis, a song I happen to love. I think Phillip has a great thing about him, I love what he did with this song and again, he shows like more than just a contender.

Joshua did a Simply Red song. I think Joshua has ability but like I mentioned on Facebook, he insists on overdoing it every time. It's like singing is a laxative and he's backed up every song....very unappealing and hard to listen to.

Jessica decided to perform a Whitney song, which is almost never a good decision but she’s really an amazing vocalist who did a great job. I think this girl has the potential to be a superstar but she’s very young and while has all the necessary confidence, she needs to be open to some direction and learn from all of her experience. The only thing I think Jessica needs is more stage time, she’s really very good. Also, I should mention that of all the contestants, she seems to have the best sense of style.

Hollie was the most disappointing performance of the night. This is a young girl who has a terrific voice but is very lacking in her ability to perform in front of an audience. As the judges spotted, the expression on her face constantly indicates that she’s calculating every note as if her she’s performing a complex mathematical equation, there’s no heart or soul and without that, she’s not going to make it in this business and she’s not going to get much further in this competition.

Colton pulled a rabbit out of a hat with a terrific performance of the Cyndi Lauper hit, ”Time After Time”. I think Colton modernized the arrangement and went a long way in proving that as a total package, he’s ready for the big time.

Skylar made a daring choice is singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” and managed to stage what for me, was a comeback after a few weeks of less than mediocre performances. Most people are familiar with the Bette Midler version, I am also a big fan of the Gary Morris version, also from the eighties and Skylar performed a version last night that I think could revitalize this song and be a hit on today’s pop and country charts – I felt this was the performance of the night.

The Duets
Colton/Sklyar – “Islands in the Stream”. My all time favorite version of this song is when my friends Jenn and Steve performed it. However, Kenny and Dolly’s version has its merit and of course, composer Barry Gibb has made it shine. This version was passable but nothing I would run out to buy or crave listening to again. I don’t know if it made any difference in anyone’s perception of Colton or Skyklar, though it did seem to get people interested in their personal lives – which is just weird to me.

Hollie/Deandre – “I’m So Excited”. TRAGIC and AWFUL are the only ways I can express this horrific version of the song made popular by the Pointer Sisters.

Phillip/Elise – “Stop Dragging My Heart Around” – I thought this was the best of the duets; they worked really well together and seem like a natural pairing for a duet. I love what they did with the arrangement and how they each added what makes them unique to their parts and both contributed nicely to the whole package.

Jessica/Joshua – “I Knew You Were Waiting”. Unlike he judges, I hated this performance. I think it lacked sincerity despite the vocal chops. Again, Joshua performed as if it was the only way he can pinch a loaf and it only brought down Jessica’s best attempts at keeping it real. I must confess that I am partial to anything that Aretha sings and I happen to really like Jessica but I just didn’t think this performance did anything positive for either singer.

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