Thursday, April 12, 2012

Idol This Week

The Solo performances
Skylar – Choosing to perform a song by Idol alum Kellie Pickler, who made an appearance on last week’s results show, she once again proved her place in the competition isn’t a fluke and perhaps demonstrated just what we may see from her post Idol – regardless of where she places. It seems she’s learned from the mistakes she made earlier on in the competition, now she needs to stay consistent because if this contest has proven anything over the years, it’s unforgiving.

Colton – once again totally killed it. This guy has really honed his performance style, delivers a solid vocal and has a very clear sense of style. I think Colton has packaged himself very well and his performance of “Love the Way You Lie” was flawless.

Jessica – really amazing how such a young woman can have such vocal and performance maturity. I’m going to throw down a prediction here, Jessica Sanchez is going to be the next Mariah Carey – you wait and see.

Joshua – he almost got me to enjoy him last night and that was a first. However, I still think his voice isn’t nearly as good as the judges praise him for but the kid does know how to work the stage and the crowd. For me though, this guy is not a pop star and while this may sound mean, it’s not intended to be – I think it would be a total waste for him to win this thing.

Hollie – This girl can sing, I’ve said that before; she can hit the notes but she needs to take the time to learn how to perform. The best thing for her would be to get out there and gig like crazy and also hire a quality vocal coach to teach her how to maintain her voice long term. I think she has promise and can succeed as a singer, but she’s not ready for the big game just yet.

Phillip – First, I dig Phillip, love how he stays true to himself and just goes out there and makes it happen. I liked his performance as much as I’ve liked him in the past but I knew there was going to be a time where the judges pulled this crap, and I don’t think Phillip deserved the criticism he received. When I see Phillip perform, I see someone with a similar type of appeal to a performer like Dave Matthews, who is wildly successful and I think Phillips can garner a similar fan base and similar success. The judges are asking him not to step out of the box but to step out of himself and I applaud him for thus far not doing so.

Elise – she totally rocked that Gaga song. To do a song by an artist who is arguably the most culturally relevant performer in the modern landscape of popular music is a tall order and Elise pulled it off like a seasoned professional; fantastic job.

Duets (and a Trio)
Rather than critique these, I’m gonna expose Idol here, not that most of you didn’t figure this out as well though… these performances have nothing to do with the competition, they are there only to fill time so they can maintain a two hour broadcast and sell advertising in between. I think forcing these kids to come out and sing in a group setting on “game night” is unfair and irrelevant to the goal of the competition. Shortly, the time will come for them to sing multiple songs on their own, this makes more sense and perhaps it would be a better challenge to add the task of singing two songs in a row – a skill that is relevant to a solo vocal competition.
That being said, of the duets (and the trio) performed last night, they were all okay but did nothing to help or hurt any of the singers.

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