Sunday, April 08, 2012

"It's Hard Not to be Romantic about Baseball"

I haven't watched too many movies this year thus far, less than a handful. In fact, for the first time in a long time, I haven't even kept track of them. While at the library yesterday, I saw "Moneyball" there on the shelf and for some reason, it was shouting at me..."take me home!" I took the DVD home with me and plopped it on the coffee table where it sat until this afternoon.

As much as I hate what has become of professional "sports", the game of baseball has always been something I love. The story of this film combines the game of baseball, along with another of my loves, statistics, and tells a very unique story, based on a real events in the early 2000's. The story was well told, the acting was terrific, even Brad Pitt, and despite cracking the two-hour barrier, which I automatically consider strike one for any film, it held my interest throughout.

Sadly, what it reminded me of, especially when I turned off the DVD player and the regular TV feed came back revealing a baseball game that sports has devolved into sports entertainment and it's very difficult to look at the participants as athletes first when really, they are some peculiar combination of business people and pawns in a bigger game driven by profits.

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