Thursday, April 19, 2012

Johnny D, Pizza, a Phantom and another Johnny D

My daughter and I took a road trip to New York City yesterday and had ourselves an action packed day of visits, food and fun.

After the drive in, we parked the car and took a stroll through time square where we ended up meeting my pal Johnny D, pictured to the right, for lunch at John's Pizzeria.

It was great to hang with Johnny and my kid and to have a decent slice of pizza, unlike the food they refer to as pizza in Massachusetts, it's one of the things I miss about my hometown.

The main purpose of the trip into NY was to see a broadway show and Victoria really wanted to see "The Phantom of the Opera", so, we did.
I thought the show was good but my daughter went nuts over it and that made it worth the price of admission for sure.

When the show ended, the plan was to go visit my brother and sister-in-law but I wasn't sure my brother was going to be able to get out of working but was still jazzed to hang with my sister-in-law for a little while before heading back to MA.

We walked back to the lot where I had parked the car, planning in advance made the parking experience, or more accurately paying for the parking experience, almost pleasant. $15 for up to 6 hours of parking in Manhattan is a good deal! I left the lot, set up the GPS to get to my Johnny's house in Flushing (I had never been to this house), yes, another Johnny D. In the thick of rush hour, I was impressed with my GPS ability to detect traffic situations on the initial route - she yelled out, "severe traffic ahead, rerouting!"

GPS doesn't realize the complexity of being on the extreme right of an avenue in NYC then all of a sudden needing to make a left at the next corner and only being about 3-4 car lengths from said corner. Fortunately, I still have my NYC driving instincts and skills in tact and expertly maneuvered into the route which had me cross town rather swiftly, then over the Queensborough bridge while mentally humming Simon and Garfunkel.

I was very happy to see that my brother was in fact able to get the night off and the four of us had some quality time together and some Chinese food (except my sister in law who opted for pizza). We left for home around 9-ish and while the trip would normally be 3 hours or so, I had to stop a number of times along the way to ensure safe travels. All in all, a great day!

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