Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saturday, in the Park...

Okay, I was not at any time at the park. However, I did start the day earlier than I'd like for a Saturday with a 6am workout, and 8:30am class to teach, a minor BJ's trip, then a short stop at home before heading to the "Spring Fling", our church fundraiser (dinner, entertainment and silent auction).

This shot is Mark, the other MC who we all wished was the only MC. This odd shot was all just a timing thing but I think it's hysterical!

Amongst the entertainment were a few top notch local theater performers gathered by our own Kathy (centered in the photo above). From left to right, the fabulously talented Tom Frates, Connie West Ben, Kathy Larson Day, Tom Ostroski and our own Gerry Seixias who played the piano. The whole affair was great (except for one of the MC's who means well but just doesn't got it).

After the spring fling, it was off the Angry Ham's Garage to see "The Road Dawgs", here are a few pics:

This one is funny because I noticed the shot as I was readying to videotape the second set for the band as a favor. There's a bit of trickery where it looks like my right hand is firmly placed on Meghan's (second from left) right hip. However, that is actually Amy's (just to the right of Meghan) right hand; more careful inspection will reveal my right hand and the video equipment dangling above and to the left of the shot.

Rocking with the Road Dawgs

This dancing dude felt no pain. He did go around trying to collect tips, and was successfuly, then shared them with the band.

Anyway, I got home at one, woke up at 6 this morning, realized it's harder to do stuff like that but had super fun so what the hey!

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