Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stick It Ticketmaster

I received a "presale" code from Ticketmaster that allowed me access to purchase tickets to the Gillette Stadium show in advance of the formal on sale date. While I wasn't yet sure if I was going to this show, I pretty much allowed myself to be manipulated by the offer and purchased six tickets; I figured it would be reasonably easy to ensure not losing money on the proposition.

Friday morning, I get an email from Ticketmaster announcing there was a security breach in their ordering and customer database that caused some issue with credit card numbers on file, and because my credit card was on file, I would have the opportunity to reverse any sales/charges that were made on that account within the time frame of the breach (which included the date I purchased these tickets) but I had to make my intentions clear by Sunday (today) at 3:00pm.

One of the main reasons I got tickets for this event was to go with my buddy JD and his lovely bride Jane(y don't ya lose heart) and then whomever else wished to tag along. Still uncertain of their availability by 2:00pm, I decided instead of putting to much thought into this, I am keeping the tickets - I didn't see any downside.

So, at around 2:30, I reply to Ticketmaster's email stating that I will keep the tickets and take ownership of the charges. At 3:34pm, I received the following from these knuckle heads:

Hello Chris,

Your ticket order has been canceled and the money refunded!

Order # xx-xxxxxx/NY2
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, Gillette Stadium & August 18, 2012
$681.55 was put back on your credit card on April 29, 2012

It should take about 3-10 business days for the bank to process the credit.

What? I emailed them back immediately and panicked around 5 without a reply, I called and was unable to get any resolution other than a contact number I can call during "normal business hours." The problem though, once the refund was processed, the seats go back into the available pool. For kicks, I went onto Ticketmaster to see what was available if I were to purchase new tickets and all that's left are unappealing. Sons of bitches!!!

Looks like I may be trolling Craigslist for that show. Oh, and they've added a 2nd show at Wrigley Field in Chicago in September which has be already contemplating a return trip to that city before I've even made my first trip there (scheduled in late June).

Customer service!

UPDATE 4/30 8:00 AM: Just received two interesting email, one from Ticketmaster apologizing for the mixup. They "regret" that they are unable to offer me the same or even "comparable" tickets but they have "held back six seats in the best available section as of this writing" and are willing to offer them to me at face value with no added Ticketmaster charges. The seats are in section 337 row 24, which is about as far away from the stage as the guy in the Good Year blimp that will be floating above - only I wont have the same power zoom lens to see the action. However, there are a few good options on Craigslist that may pan out.

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