Friday, April 13, 2012

Week Ends, Weekend Begins

This week had many ups and downs but for better or worse, it's over and not only does the weekend begin, but I have a vacation week next week, so no work for me!!!

Before I continue, I need to send my condolences to my friend Dan and his family. Dan's brother Kevin died after a long illness and this is just four months after they lost their sister. Please, everyone, keep Dan's family in your thoughts as they mourn these very difficult losses.

I just had a nice FB chat conversation with my dear friend Annmarie from high school. I am looking forward to my reunion next month - I hope we get a good showing from our class.

Met a very promising candidate for the Provost position today at the college.

Going on a road trip to Albany on Monday to see Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band, just weeks after seeing him here in Boston. Oh, he's also announce a summer date at Gillette Stadium...HMMM!

I really feel like a podcast is long overdue but I've been so busy except when I've been too lazy.

Cee-Lo Green quote of the week, "I can learn so much from your expertise and your veteranism."

Slimmer chance than I thought but a chance none-the-less that I may be making a New York City appearance on Wednesday.

Peace and Love!

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