Saturday, May 26, 2012

And Then, He Rested!

I vowed to have a restful day today and so, I did. After a long week of moving faster than usual with more on the schedule than usual and very little breathing room, I was sure to turn off the alarm and remain in my bed until my body told me it was okay to do so.

It was right before 10 am when the signal arrived that it was time to rise from the bed and so I began what was a solid food fast - turned out to be a very minimal solid food day; even the digestive system needs a rest on occasion. Is yogurt considered a solid food? I vote no!

I bummed around for a while, watching some TV and considered an outdoor workout today. After realizing that if I did want to get outdoors, I better do it sooner rather than later as it will only get hotter so I got on my shorts, grabbed some headphones and made my way  but not before a Greek yogurt with a few tablespoons of protein powder.

I took in about 4.3 miles about town before getting back home and consuming a very large high protein smoothie. After a shower, I pretty much did almost nothing for quite some time - other than watch TV or kick back on the recliner and nod off....and felt absolutely no guilt whatsoever!

I don't recall what time it was but in the late afternoon, just to get out of the house, I went out for a bit stopping at Jordan's furniture (to check the manufacturer of a product), Christmas Tree Shoppe (just to browse), and some pet store (just to see the kitty cats).

At around 6pm, I had some steamed veggies, the first real solid food of the day and since them, have been all fluids until about 9:30 when I had a Fiber One bar.

After typing Fiber One bar I realized just how ridiculous this post must read but I can't bring myself to edit or not post it.

I guess I'll end it here.

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