Monday, May 07, 2012


A few days ago I wrote about a student with misplaced anger. Today, I received a pleasant surprise from this student in my inbox:

Good Afternoon Professor,
I understand and take ownership that I did not take the steps announced on blackboard April 15. My misunderstanding is in the thread of emails sent back and forth on an array of topics which also included the final exam. You did not receive an email from me with Final Exam in the subject line which you had clearly requested. This truly has been a learning experience from me. Following directions precisely is not only for the sciences but also in life as we can clearly see here. I apologize for assuming that you would just remember to add me to your final exam roster because of the rapport we had March 30. I would like to appeal to your human nature by stating that I have worked hard on the Computer Applications and general computer hardware knowledge. I have integrated the concepts in my T-Ball Flyers for the parents of the preschoolers I coach. If there is any way I can take the exam this saturday, it will be grately appreciated. If there is no way I could, my question is : would I still be able to complete the Cloud Project?
Thank you in advance for your decision either way.
The Dean helped as a great mediator today, and I can see your point of view much clearer now.
Thank you.
It seems that learning may have actually occurred. I wrote the student back and while there was very little I could do at this point without compromising the fairness to every other student, I did inform the student that the current grade works out to a passing one and that there is great risk with very little potential for reward by taking the final and I offered some words of encouragement for moving forward.

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