Sunday, May 20, 2012

Return to Brooklyn - Part 1: Food I Had to Have Again

When you think about a Roast Beef sandwich in Brooklyn, there are two names that come up  all the time: "Brennan and Carr " and "Roll 'n Roaster". For me, "Brennan and Carr" wins 100% of the time and after not having one of their delicious "Hot Beef's" in 17 years - Saturday afternoon I ended that dry spell.

In this first photo, the restaurant is in the background while my pal Jack humors me with a pose before lunch. Jack is 93 years old - a great guy!

From inside the dining room at Brennan and Carr, which hasn't changed at all (even the cash register is the original). Standing from let to right is John and Al. Obviously, that's Jack and I seated. Three of the four people in this photo are retired and I am not one of them.

While I didn't stop inside for a bite here, I had to do a drive by and take a snapshot. This is the pizzeria that John Travolta (as Tony Manero) ordered two slices and stacked them in Saturday Night Fever.

Lunch today was at L&B Spumoni Gardens. I hadn't been here in over 20 years!

While waiting for some friend to dine with, I had to indulge in the awesome Spumoni. However, since I had no clue just how much sugar was in there, I took two licks to satisfy the craving then tossed it (that was hard to do). So good!

"Sicilian" Pizza is pretty regional in the U.S. You don't see it everywhere and this, is the finest in all the land. This here is referred to as a 1/2 sheet - 12 glorious slices. To the untrained eye, it may appear there is no cheese but at L&B, they put the cheese under the sauce. Don't judge, go there and taste it...doesn't matter how far you travel, it'll be worth it!


Bruce said...

Wish I was there...

SM said...

All of that looks amazing. I want to go to Brooklyn so bad - even before I read this!