Sunday, May 06, 2012

R.I.P. Adam Yauch

The Beasties were, are legends, they added a measure of significance to hip hop at just the right time.

Yauch's passing, aside from it's obvious sadness, is a significant reminder of human mortality and when someone who was born the same year as you passes away, it's hard not to think about that.

Rest in piece MCA.


radioactive girl said...

And I believe he died of salivary gland cancer. That scares me because my salivary gland is "suspicious" but not something they are ready to remove because of all the problems that can cause.

Cancer stinks and he was way too young and talented to go. Too bad cancer doesn't consider those facts before choosing!

Chris said...

Tori-It was a salivary gland, specifically the parotid gland. Two things just happened in my brain after reading your "That scares me..." sentence: I got scared as well, because I want your salivary gland to not be suspicious and just be. And, the tune to the song "Suspicious Minds" came into my head while the words "Suspicious Glands" came out of my mouth - which looked odd since I am at the desk in the open computer lab and there are people studying for finals here.