Wednesday, May 02, 2012

RIP Junior

Found dead, apparent self-inflicted gunshot. So sad! I've made it clear how disappointed in professional sports I am, how it has become exclusively a business and really has almost nothing to do with sports or sportsmanship.

I love Football, but I have to admit, like hockey, it is a barbaric game and I question whether or not either should continue to exist. There really needs to be a study of the damaging effects of these aggressive sports on the brain and the lifespan in general.

This is a sad loss.

Quick update on the following morning - I was half asleep when I wrote this so I didn't get as detailed as I could have and I don't know if I really got my point across as effectively as I could have. Regardless, this is a horrible thing and I hope that which Seau's and every other similar death, there is some awakening and that we can reverse this terrible trend with pro athletes.

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