Thursday, May 31, 2012

Table for 12

I became very close with the recently graduated class from the Nursing program. As I mentioned (I think), they very graciously honored me with a certificate of appreciation presented to me at their pinning ceremony. There was a student who failed out of the program last fall and her presence on campus was sorely missed this spring.

Sherry is a lively one, friend to all, a great person who just had a hard time with the program - and it's a shame because she could be a terrific nurse. As circumstance would have it, shortly after leaving the program, her 5 year old niece relapsed with Leukemia and "Aunt" Sherry has been there by her side consistently while still taking care of her husband, three kids and household.

Almost every one of the graduates at the pinning thanked Sherry as they received their pins and Sherry was a constant in all of the photos on the slide show. Today, a group of the graduates, myself, and Sherry got together for lunch. Sherry got emotional just driving up to the restaurant seeing us all there waiting for her - but we all had a wonderful time laughing, joking, telling stories and making sure that Sherry knew we are there for her.

I hope Sherry decides to give the program another chance because I think she's got a lot of great qualities that a good nurse should have.

I know that I've gotten better at my job as a result of the time I spent with many of the folks from this 2012 class, not every interaction, especially early on, was a fun one but we all grew to respect and like each other; plus, Erik is a former NY resident and a fellow Yankee fan :)


Radioactive Tori said...

I am terrified of this happening to me. I don't know if it is the same for all programs but for the one I am planning on being in if you get anything lower than a high A they make you start over. I believe that's true even if it happens in your third or fourth semester, you start completely at the beginning again. I mean I get it, nurses have to be good or they could kill or injure someone but it still scares me and puts a lot of pressure on!

I'm glad you guys were there for her. I'm not sure I would be able to get together if I flunked out, I would probably be really mad at myself and kind of embarrassed. But definitely she had good reasons. And I want to make it clear that I don't think a person should feel bad about themselves if they don't do well, just that I'd be really hard on myself if I standards for myself are outrageously high but for other people they are pretty normal.

Chris said...

I'm the same way Tori. When I was in Grad school - I took 12 classes - got 11 A's and one B and instead of patting myself on the back for graduating with honors, that darn B haunts me.

Nursing school is super tough and when you add real life to the mix while attending, anything goes.

I believe in you - I know that you are going to give it your all!