Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tough Day with Good Moments

It's always hard to wrap my hands around Mother's Day because the first thing that always comes to mind is that my mother isn't alive; fifteen years in, it still hurts but I've resolved that it's always going to feel that way.

I do have the memories of Mom, all of them, and nobody can take those away so while I do feel sadness, I also have joyous memories to carry me past that pain.

The day before yesterday, I got word that an old neighbor passed away. I couldn't help but think of my friends Dawn and Rosemarie, along with their siblings and how they must feel losing their mom just a few days shy of Mother's day.

Ultimately, I chose to celebrate this day and all good mother's out there. A special salute to Tori, who is the best mother I've ever had the great pleasure of knowing.

Finally, if in some cosmic space my mother can catch wind of this post, I need to say this- we weren't the type of family who told each other how we felt, I love you Mom, and I am sorry I never told you as much as you deserved to hear it.


28828faa-a155-11e1-8849-000bcdcb5194 said...

This story really touched my heart.

NeNe said...

Love this...