Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chicago-Day 2

Before I begin, I am typing these updates on an iPad, which means there may be more typos than usual-sorry.

Today (meaning Monday) was the one I anticipated most since booking the trip a few months ago. Today, was the day I would meet someone I've known for almost 8 years but had never previously met. While here on this blog I'll be mostly simplifying, at least part of the reason is because I don't know that I could come up with the words to express how joyous an experience it was to actually meet this extraordinary woman and most of her very cool children. We spent time together at the Shedd Aquarium and just had the best time together. I don't know at this point how much to write about becuase I want to make sure that Tori is okay with me writing about it.

As I type this at 9 am on Tuesday, I had to pause for a few minutes as I play back yesterday in my head and capture that joy to bring with me into whatever adventures I have in store for me today.

After Tori and the kids went back home, I found myself sitting on the steps to the museum across the way and just held on to the day for a bit and then I called my daughter who had just returned from Spain to see how her trip was and to tell her of mine thus far.

I took a wrong turn walking for the train as my mind was not ready to focus on the present yet but soon found my way back after actually blowing a kiss to the beautiful Chicago skyline then looking up and just saying "thanks" out loud.

I took the train back to the hotel and just plopped on the bed for a bit, the decided to freshen up and take a walk to Wrigley field, a tad over a mile away from the hotel, to see if I could grab a seat to the Cubs game against the N.Y. Mets.
Sure enough I did get a ticket and made my way about the historic ballpark (one of few remaining) and found my seat. There was a really annoying group of people that seemed to have no interest in the game and were so rudely making it difficult for those of us around them who actually wanted to see the game. While I stuck around longer than I needed to considering the quantity of empty seats around, I finally moved to a different section around the sixth inning and ended up being around a more enthusiastic and fun baseball crowd to enjoy the rest of the game; the Cubs won 6-1.

I decide to hop on the bus back and ended up waiting longer than it would have taken to walk but I was a bit spent, so I hung in there. The thing about busses in a strange city, for me at least, is it's not as easy to know how close to your stop you are and in my ignorance, ended up getting off the bus only about half way back; I realized this instantly as my foot hit the pavement and I heard the bus door close behind me...lol...oh well.

Not sure what's in store for day three but I am contemplating a visit to the "Second City" theater later in the afternoon.

See ya later!

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