Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chicago-Day 3 (concluded)

After histrionic hissy fit lady pays her fair, she remains standing near the front of the bus, about nine inches from me, occasionally whispering bizarre, incoherent rants. At the next stop, a group of about five teens hops on, one of which begins fishing for change and coming up short. She asks all of her friends, one of who comes up with some loose change but not enough so she stood there in a bit of a panic when labored breath guy jumps in for the save, "how much does she need?" he says as he fishes for loose coin at the deep bottom of his plaid bermuda shorts. Frazzled teen thanks him to which he replies, "you're welcome, just stay out of trouble."

While all of this was happening, I couldn't help but wonder if I was failing some kind of test. Was I supposed to ask labored breath guy if he was okay? Was I supposed to offer to help the frazzled teen? I was, and still am certain, that histrionic hissy fit lady was beyond any assistance I could provide so I uttered a "there but for the grace of God, go I" and just wished the best for her.

A few stops down the road, labored breath guy rang the bell and attempted to get up but fell back into his chair. I got up and offered a hand, he took it, rose from his seat and bowed offering thanks and then made his way off the bus. I felt better about my position in all of that which played out.

Suffering mildly from a bit of heat exhaustion, I passed on going to see the Second City players and took a rest and then planned on checking out the local Lincoln Park area.

I saw that my old Brooklyn friend Stephanie, who moved here 17 years ago (which is when I last saw her), was heading to Wrigley to see her beloved Mets play the Cubs. I asked if she wanted to meet up for a drink after the game to chat and catch up and so, a plan was hatched.

I walked down Diversey near my hotel to get a bite to eat and came across a neat little noodle place where I settled for a simple, yet delicious meal. I then slowly paced my way toward Wrigley and met up with my old friend, who was with a couple of her friends, and we had a little time to begin catching up on the last 17 years.

I waited for the bus though it ended up taking almost as long waiting as it would have taken to walk but I did so anyway and that was day three.

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