Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chicago-Day 3 (continued)

Both my daughter and "The Cupcaketress" were inquisitive (or some other better word I can't think of at this time and won't obsess about because I think you get the idea) of my visit with Tori. My daughter, who shares the same name, wanted to be sure I said hello specifically from her and I have and outstanding "big hug" to deliver from Amanda to Tori should I be lucky enough to get to see her again before I must leave town.

To clarify the end of my previous post, the "story" I was referring to was the history of the ferris wheel and still, I will insist you Google for more if you are interested or provide a delightful treat and I may share the story, which may prove to be anti-climactic after this unintentional buildup.

The bus ride back from downtown was a real trip. This older woman was at the stop with me and when to doors opened, she barreled her way onto the bus before me with a histrionic hissy fit over to a few seats in without paying her fare. I boarded, slid my pass through the reader and noticed an elderly man board literally gasping for breath with such labor, I was sincerely worried something bad was going to happen as he gasped his way through paying his fare and then taking his seat. The driver then called for the histrionic hissy fit woman to pony up; which caused her to rise from her seat next to labored breath guy and launch into a new histrionic hissy fit featuring an amazing array of sound effects and what appeared to be her version of imagining she was shot in her left temple. Enough you say? Wait, there's more...however, I need sleep so you get to wait until next time to read it.

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