Friday, June 29, 2012

Chicago-Day 5 (Part 1)

Entry to the gym at this point requires only a nod, I toss in a "Good Morning" and get on with the torture. After a shower and change at the hotel, I head into the common breakfast area. "Free" hotel breakfasts range from really bad to eh, okay. This one doesn't totally suck but there is virtually zero protein to be found anywhere....carbs and sweets are the bulk of it.

I alternated between a double portion of instant oatmeal on some days and a belgian waffle on the others. Only on day one were there bananas available, other days it was only golden delicious apples or oranges (neither go well with oatmeal). The belgian waffles were a treat, when I make them at home I use a healthy blend of ingredients - these weren't completely horrific but not really great though. I figured that between the 2-3 miles I was doing at the gym every morning and the 2-3 or more I averaged each day out in the city, I could manage a few of them. The week I am home will be predominately fruit, yogurt and vegetables so that I can detoxify a bit before my trip to New Orleans.

My first stop on the tourist circuit this day would be the Museum of Contemporary Art. There were some interesting works on display but I was particularly taken by an artist named Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, who also wrote something called "The 95 Theses on Painting" which I shall hunt for and post some time in the near future. I love museums of all types, I love looking at art and so, while I enjoyed my visit to the MCA, the amount of works was disproportionately low considering their space and there was an entire floor under construction with a new installation. One floor may not seem a lot but there are only four so, that was that.

I made my way to the riverfront to meet up with my old Brooklyn friend Stephanie for lunch. We met up for a short time on Tuesday evening for a drink and chatted a bit, but after 17 years, there was more to catch up on so we had a simple lunch and did just that. After lunch, I was in search of a bridge. I know that it sounds odd but if you read all of my posts chronologically, the main reason I needed to find that bridge was yesterday's post, I wanted to do that for Tori and her children, and for me - it was like a treasure hunt.

More on day 5 a bit later...

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